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Recycling the equivalent of over 30 miles of highway pavement each year.

Our Greenstone products are produced from recycled concrete and asphalt materials. We collect raw recycled materials in our recycle yards throughout eastern Iowa. We then crush and screen the raw material into finished products that can be used in many construction applications.

The use of recycled materials for construction has numerous environmental benefits such as reducing waste heading to the landfill, reducing energy consumption, and reducing emissions. Using recycled aggregates is an economically competitive option and can also be leveraged to gain credits for green building certifications such as LEED.

See below for more information about the types of products we offer in our Greenstone lineup:

Greenstone Recycled Products

Recycled Concrete Product

Concrete Products

Size & Type
3/4" Minus Crushed Concrete
1 1/2" Minus Crushed Concrete
3" Minus Crushed Concrete
1" Clean Crushed Concrete - Screened
3/4" Green Clean Concrete - Washed
1" x 3" Clean Crushed Concrete
4" x 9" Concrete Erosion Stone
Recycled Asphalt Product

Asphalt Products

Size & Type
1 1/2" Minus Recycled Asphalt
Blended Recycled Concrete Asphalt Product

Concrete/Asphalt Blends

Size & Type
50/50 Concrete / Asphalt Subbase

* Color and product availability varies by location and is subject to change. The product list presented above is not a comprehensive list, but provides general examples of the types of products we offer. Please call for more information regarding availability or special requests.

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