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High quality crushed stone products for your Commercial or residential project.

Pickup or Delivery available for a wide array of crushed limestone products.

Wendling Crushed Stone Products

Road Stone


Size & Type
3/4" Roadstone
1.0" Roadstone
2.0" Roadstone
3.0" Roadstone
4.0" Roadstone
Commercial Subbase
Ag Lime
Fill Lime / Screenings

Common Uses: Commonly used as aggregate base material. Crushed limestone with fines to be used for providing a solid base under concrete and asphalt. Other uses include roads and driveways, parking lots, walking paths, recreational trails. Normal sizes for roadstone aggregates are 4”, 3”, 2”, 1”, and 3/4”.

Clean Stone


Size & Type
3/4" Clean
1" Clean
1/2” x 1" Clean
2" Clean
1” x 3" Clean
1” x 5" Clean
4” x 9" Clean

Common Uses: This limestone has been produced by dry screening the material to remove most of the fines. These products are commonly used for driveways, pipe bedding, drainage tile backfill, Septic rock, and backfill behind retaining walls. Normal sizes produced are 4”x9”, 1”x3”, 1”, and 1/2”.

Washed Stone


Size & Type
Asphalt Stone
3/4" Washed
Man Sand
State Concrete Stone
Commercial Concrete Stone
Washed Chips

Common Uses: This limestone has been washed to remove the fines from the finished product. These products are commonly used in concrete and asphalt mixes, subdrain applications, and used as seal coat aggregate. Normal sizes for this material is 1”, 1/2”, 3/8” and Manufactured Sand.

* Color and product availability varies by location and is subject to change. The product list presented above is not a comprehensive list, but provides general examples of the types of products we offer. Please call for more information regarding availability or special requests.

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