Hired Hauler


To become a Hired Hauler for Wendling Quarries Inc. please complete the following:

A) Please provide us with a current Certificate of Insurance from your insurance carrier stating the limits of your coverage for Workers’ Compensation, Automobile Liability, and General Liability.  Listed below are the minimum insurance requirements and required levels of coverage needed.

General Liability – Required

$1,000,000 Occurrence Limit
$2,000,000 General Aggregate
$2,000,000 Products/Completed Operations

Automobile Liability – Required

$1,000,000 (Preferred) $300,000 (Minimum) Combined Single Limit
$1,000,000 (Preferred) $300,000 (Minimum) Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Limit

Workers’ Compensation

(Required if you have employees.  If you are an independent contractor without any employees, we will need the attached waiver signed and returned.)
$100,000 Bodily Injury by Accident
$500,000 Bodily Injury by Disease (Policy Limit)
$100,000 Bodily Injury by Disease (Each Employee)

Umbrella – Preferred but not required


B) In order to comply with Part 382 of the Iowa Department of Transportation Rules, we need all hired haulers to furnish the following information:

  1. Signed and dated form stating that you are in compliance with the Iowa Department of Transportation random drug and alcohol testing program.
  2. A copy of each driver’s valid C.D.L.

C) Acknowledgment and Certification

D) For proper payment, we need the Vendor Information form completed, along with the W-9 form.

Please complete the attached form below and return them to us by mail, or fax to (563) 659-3393.

Hired Hauler Application